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Author Topic: May Not Be the Most OP Build at the Moment But Not Weak - PoE  (Read 89 times)
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I'd like to have it so wherever you are casting SRS is the direction the skulls would already be moving in when summoned. It could be just for the second or two before their AI kicks in, since even with an enemy right in your face it seems to always take them an agonizingly slow second or two for the AI to wake up and move/attack. Or, it could be that the skulls move to the cursor's location when summoned, attacking the first thing they collide with on the way, and if they don't hit anything wander and attack as normal. You will never regret to poe buy currency, action now!

I know for a lot of bosses you pre-cast SRS anyways, but it's always been annoying trying to map with the skulls, dashing near a group, starting to cast and being able to cast a good 4-10 (depending on Spell Echo or not) before the first one even starts attacking. This could be fine to throw in an SRS focused threshold jewel. Minions have increased attack speed, with 40 Int in radius SRS are summoned already moving, and then maybe some other effect.

Mass casting
This is something I don't know if they'd be able to balance it to be good, without dominating over the normal approach, but still something I'd like to see. Maybe a unique like The Baron requiring a high attribute threshold, but something that would increase the casting time of SRS (X% reduced casting speed), but would summon SRS in bulk. Like maybe have 50% less casting speed, cannot be supported by Spell Echo, but summon 5-10 skulls at a time.

Allow Convocation to affect SRS
Having something that allowed Convocation to work with SRS as a Threshold jewel would make getting increased duration more worthwhile or would encourage the use of Mark of the Red Covenant. Being able to summon the skulls at the start of the map, have either a long duration or a refreshing duration, and being able to dash to the next pack and cast Convocation to bring them along would make getting increased duration more worth it.

I know not all skills have to have multiple uniques that enhance them or a large number of different builds that use them, but with the amount of attention Zombies/Skeletons/Spectres get and with how SRS seems to have not changed at all, I'd like to see more fun and interesting builds to make with them that aren't just "add/use one of the other summons".
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